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With Ajuanize's, we can now create all types of videos, from music to short movies. This is great for websites, and YouTube commercials. This takes your memories to another level, imagine not only showing a family tree, but a video with detailed stories and animations that bring the history of your family to life. For Contractors and Real Estate, have great video that show off your homes in an incredible way. 


Video, Website and Posting

If you do not have a website, no problem. We can build one for you, and can post videos to YouTube if needed. 


  • Get a website built without Domain


  • Get a website built with Domain 


  • Teach you to build your own website 


  • Edit and master a video 


  • To shot a video

$50.00 Per 15 minutes 

Edit and mastering video that Ajuanizes has done $30.00

Discounts will be applied if using Ajuanizes Photos and or video.

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